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  • A Travel Tale: Lost and Found

    My brother Steven and I arrived in Copenhagen, Denmark about 11 hours ago (11:30am local time on Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 or 5:30am EST). We have done our fair share of exploring in that time, but the journey here was anything but smooth. A Travel Tale: Lost and Found Rewind to 9:11pm EST on Tuesday […]

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  • Spring Staycation in Cincinnati

    While my parents went on a very well deserved vacation (read about why this trip was on hold for two years here), my little brother and I had an awesome staycation in our amazing hometown. Friday night started off at a family favorite, Buckhead Mountain Grill in Bellvue, KY. Their bread rolls and cinnamon butter are […]

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  • Travel Past the Hard Times

    Total role reversal today. After going on 3 international trips over the last 5 months, it was my parents’ turn for a vacation. Taken today before leaving for a cruise to the Bahamas. Two years ago my Mom went to the hospital with trouble breathing. After 2 weeks in the hospital they couldn’t find out […]

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  • NYE in Paris

    2 months ago I was talking with my friend Olivia about the traveling she has been doing. She has been living in Paris and taking trips all over Europe on the weekends. As we were sharing travel stories, the idea of coming to visit her for New Years Eve came up. Could I really fly […]

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  • Safe Travels to Rome

      Sitting here on the plane from Cincinnati to Atlanta. I’m humbled by the number of “safe travels” sentiments I have received in the last few days. And I have two reactions to that phrase. 1. I am genuinely grateful that people care about my well being, on this trip more so than any other […]

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  • Travel to Ireland: Entry #1

    Beautiful medieval castle to set the mood. Malahide Castle in County Dublin, taken in May, 2013. Only 5.6 miles and 21 minutes from the Dublin International airport. First stop of MANY stunning places in Ireland. If you read my first blog post, check it out here, you know that going to the London 2012 Olympics with […]

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  • What a Day!

    Today I’m letting the idea of being a travel blogger sink in. Still doesn’t seem real. The idea of writing used to terrify me. Sure, I learned how to write a decent paper in high school, but I never enjoyed writing. Until yesterday. Below you will find a scr read more