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  • NYE in Paris


    2 months ago I was talking with my friend Olivia about the traveling she has been doing. She has been living in Paris and taking trips all over Europe on the weekends. As we were sharing travel stories, the idea of coming to visit her for New Years Eve came up. Could I really fly […]

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  • Safe Travels to Rome


    ¬† Sitting here on the plane from Cincinnati to Atlanta. I’m humbled by the number of “safe travels” sentiments I have received in the last few days. And I have two reactions to that phrase. 1. I am genuinely grateful that people care about my well being, on this trip more so than any other […]

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  • What a Day!


    Today I’m letting the idea of being a travel blogger sink in. Still doesn’t seem real. The idea of writing used to terrify me. Sure, I learned how to write a decent paper in high school, but I never enjoyed writing. Until yesterday. Below you will find a scr read more